LCCT is my home gym. This is where I train. I had trained at a few other gyms in Jiu Jitsu before but LCCT by far had the most welcoming family to me.

The Owner of LCCT is Luiz Claudio Augusto, and built it from the ground up with his brother Thiago Veiga. They both earned their blackbelts through Rickson Gracie. Their amazing knowledge of the art changed my entire life and completely altered the way I trained BJJ. They know countless techniques and submissions you can catch in positions that you would have no idea existed.

Going there at first is mind blowing with what these men are capable of. Over time you will learn that despite all these skills that these men have: They are both very humble and respectable people. Over time I no longer feel like they are my coaches. They are friends I can turn to at any time if I need guidance. Not only with them but the team they have built is filled with very good people who are there to help me with my jiu jitsu everyday and also there as true friends.


If you’d like to come in for a class at this awesome place you can Join LCCT Here