Sexy MMA Women-Half Guard Pass

Okay boys, I found a nice little treat for you! No icing on the cake is something just like this after a hard night of BJJ.

I found a youtube page called MMA Candy. This page features a bunch of sexy women giving step by step instructions on techniques.

The video features a clever half guard pass. To be 100% honest their technique could be a little bit better. They’re not really showing pressure and they’re missing some steps.

On the other hand, something tells me these women didn’t plan on gaining views simply from having good technique either. All I really gotta say to them is…thank you.

On the other hand the actual pass is pretty cool. I’m sure a lot of you can figure out some ways to hijack it, add pressure, and actually make it work pretty well.

Crazy story, I was actually planning on writing a post about the importance of jiu jitsu for women in the event of an attack. Somehow, someway I stumbled upon something much more for the guys…being a guy myself I guess I can’t help it. Your welcome gentlemen.

sexy mma women

Some of you may already have seen this page, considering they’re not exactly lacking in views. However, this is my first time stumbling upon it and how could I not share it with you guys?

It seems this channel is actually pretty old. It looks like they don’t make new videos very often, but for now their page is doing the art of jiu jitsu a grand favor: Making it look good as hell.

sexy mma women

Check out one of their half guard passes below. I usually write my articles much longer but let’s be honest. Nobody clicked this link to read my text. May our wives forgive us. OSS brothers

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