Fight Night Fury-Jiu Jitsu Group Fights

I received and exciting opportunity to write about an event involving three on three jiu jitsu group fights. Fight Night Fury also has Muay Tai fighters on the card as well, but I will be covering the jiu jitsu portion of the event in this article. The event is run by Battle Crew.

I got the opportunity to interview some of the people fighting for this event at weight ins. Namely, 3 members of team ThinkFit, and 3 members of some jiu jitsu guys I know personally from Team LCCT3d. There are more fighters on the card, but unfortunately I did not get the chance to interview them.

For Team LCCT3D they combined two members of team LCCT, Yousef Al-Ghoul, Matt Lim, and one of Luiz Claudio Augusto’s blackbelts who owns his own school now: Dennis Dombrow.

I’d like to thank the gentleman pictured above for being a major plug for my content. He announced Jiu Jitsu Jonathan over the mic probably 100 times. Unfortunately I don’t think it produced a single page like for myself, but hey. People will keep hearing the name and recognize it. Every little bit helps

When I first walked into weigh ins I felt some stand offish stares. I also saw a whole bunch of familiar faces as well. It definitely took me a little while to break the ice and and show everyone that I meant no harm. As we might already know. Journalists get a bad wrap, but I like to keep things positive when I write.

I have no ill intentions of writing negatively or “talking trash” about anyone. “I’m really just out here to gain free content for my blog, and help you guys get some free publicity.” After I opened up honestly, the guys from one of the opposing teams I interviewed were much more open to talking to me. Being so new to this, it can be a little difficult to be taken seriously. It surely can also just all be in my head.

This is the first BJJ superfight type of event I’ve had the opportunity to write an article about; I found myself a tad “lost in the woods” while introducing myself. I look forward to future events and gaining more friends and collaborators along the way. After this event, I’m sure many more guys will be happy to see my face when I come to watch an event.


The first team I interviewed was from Team THINKFIT. I got the chance to interview Bill Hill. I actually remember him because I’ve seen him on stage at former BJJ superfights.

Picture of BJJ Athlete Bill Hill and Myself

I interviewed each athlete and asked them 8 questions. Bill, has former grappling experience in Freestyle, Folkstyle, and Greco Roman Wrestling.He is a two time Jr. Nat ional Qualifier. His jiu jitsu fighting style involves taking his opponent down and putting on top pressure to find his submissions. He does not believe in having a “favorite submission.”

“put them under pressure and they give you gifts” he continued.

Before BJJ he started MMA and wanted to have more in depth knowledge on the ground. He believes in having a “Full Steam Ahead” style when he fights. Bill believes in a sub only rule set but after the time is up someone has to win. He strongly believes in fitness and being in as good of shape as possible before matches.

Picture of William Hill Jr. and I

One of the other team Members of Team THINKFIT is William Hill Jr. He is actually Bill Hill’s son. I think it’s really cool that a father and son are competing together in this group fight. It really shows the family oriented part of BJJ.

William has a background in Folkstyle Wrestling. Because of his experience in jiu jitsu he does not care if he ends up on the top or bottom. “It’s all fun in it’s own way” he emphasized. He prefers to catch a choke over other submissions, but like most grapplers you have to take what comes to you.

He said his father definitely had an influence in the reason he started jiu jitsu, and he’s really happy he did. William Hill Jr. said his hardest obstacle he overcame was that his knee got tweaked pretty bad in a tournament. He also had to learn not to get too butt hurt over a loss. I can certainly relate to him in this aspect because I’ve thrown tantrums like a baby over losing on more than one occasion.

“I listen to my mind and I just react,” he addressed, “I try not to go overly hard and make mistakes but at the same time you have to go for the win.”

Blake Klassman and Myself Post Interview

I had a great time interviewing BJJ athlete Blake Klassman, He really was a super friendly guy and was excited to get the opportunity to interview with me. He immediately showed support for the Jiu Jitsu Jonathan social media pages and got right on his phone to give the Facebook page a like.

Blake’s previous grappling experience before bjj was in freestyle wrestling. When I asked him what his favorite position was he said “it’s the honeyhole positions”

If you don’t know what this position is, it’s a position where you grapple for a heel hook, and are easily able to switch back and forth between legs. Leg locks are known for being an attack where you’re in danger of giving up your position but they can also be viscous, and very painful.

If you’re unfamiliar with what “the honeyhole position” is I made a diagram to give you a better picture of what these transitions look like

Blake got into Jiu Jitsu from a friend who introduced the art to him. He had previous grappling experience, but the finality of jiu jitsu submissions is what attracted him to the sport. “It has the real life applications that wrestling just didn’t have,” he verified.


Dennis Dombrow, Matt Lim, and Yousef Al-Ghoul. Where do I begin with these goons?

Keep in mind these guys are some of my very close friends. We train together. I would ask them questions and they would proceed to just bust my balls the whole time. Hey, what are friends for?

The most important criteria I need to address about these three is their confidence is through the roof. I roll with all three of these guys and I am just nowhere close to their level at all.

Matt Lim is a pretty young guy. He’s only 21 years old and he’s a baddass purple belt. Yousef had previous wrestling experience in high school, and college. He also competed in Mixed Martial Arts for quite some time.

Dennis also competed in Mixed Martial Arts as well, he likes to be known as “Dangerous from Everywhere” This makes for the nickname, “Dennis, Dangerous from Everywhere, Dombrow.”

I’d like to thank Yousef Al-Ghoul for giving me the least crap during their interviews. He took the whole process seriously and answered the questions thoroughly.

Yousef Al-Ghoul Pictured above with myself

When it comes to rolling hard vs. flowing Yousef actually tries to use as little strength as abolute possible when he trains.

“Sometimes that makes for the best training and you just catch onto the technique better that way,” he addressed.

I train with all of these guys, but I’ve probably shared words with Dennis and Matt the most, this explains why they’re so comfortable with picking on me a little bit.

When it comes to their favorite submissions, Yousef likes Luiz Claudio’s secret “GoGo choke” the most. This is an LCCT secret. It is strongly encouraged that this choke does get spread around to outside of LCCT. The team also has some other secret techniques, but the knowledge of how to do the “GoGo choke” is sought after by many, like Joe Rogan for example.

Dennis’s favorite submission is the classic Rear Naked Choke. This makes sense because it’s hell when he takes your back. I know this. I’ve felt this.

Dennis Dombrow and Myself. We’re buddies. He likes to pick on me a little bit. It’s all just love.

Matt likes the Kimura. He also catches me with this quite often. When I think I’ve defended it, he’s already got a hold of another submission.

When it comes to their hardest struggles, Dennis had to face two knee surgeries. Knee surgeries are no joke. These procedures probably end more peoples careers in MMA, and Jiu Jitsu than any other kind of surgery. It takes guts to step back on the mat again, let alone to keep competing at his level.

Matt’s biggest struggle was just having to deal with getting his ass kicked when he started jiu jitsu.

“Damn, you’ve had it easy in Jiu Jitsu,” Dennis shot back when Matt said his struggle.

Luiz Claudio Augusto Pictured above next to Dennis Dombrow who earned his blackbelt under Luiz’s first generation of blackbelts

Yousef said the hardest thing for him was transitioning from MMA to pure Jiu Jitsu. Theres a ton of differences in pure jiu jitsu rolling vs. mixed martial arts. “Once I started Jiu Jitsu, I just really liked it,” he gushed.

When it comes to rule sets. Dennis thinks the Abu Dhabi rule set is best.

Yousef got a little more in-depth, “There needs to be more balance between the two <sub only and point systems>. The Ref’s can completely fuck you over in sub only. The outcomes of some matches just simply don’t make sense. Not all the rewards are there….I mean…..Why????” he uttered.

When it comes to this I actually agree with Yousef the most in my opinion. When there is no actual submission is sub only superfights I’ve been left completely confused about the outcome myself. In my very own opinion it almost seems like a popularity contest at times. Yousef explained “There is nothing perfect, but sub only makes the most sense to me. IBJJF I have mixed feelings about.”

On the other side of the spectrum. Sometimes LCCT gets a bad wrap from some of the other schools, but the only way to truly understand us is to be on the inside. “it’s okay to be different, if you’re just like everybody else you’ll never truly be good” is something our coach, Luiz Claudio Augusto has always stressed.

This man has truly changed my life for the better along with many others who train with us. It’s like no other gym I’ve ever been in. He completely changed my perspective of what jiu jitsu truly is, and how wrong some schools can be about bjj.

The Event

The Calm Before the Storm

The event took place on March 23, 2019. All I gotta say is WOW. Each and every team really put on a show. Like I said. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance to interview everybody.

I’ll get right into it. The crowd went absolutely wild for these guys. The event took place at LifeZone 360 in West Dundee Illinois. Before I actually get into the results of what happened, I think there’s a few fighters from some of the other teams who truly deserve to be highlighted:

Danny Rodriguez

Danny N Crystal Rodriguez walking back after a win pictured above

Where do I start about this guy? At the actual event he may not have won the entire battle, but man did this guy put on a show. Rodriguez showed nothing but constant attacks throughout every fight. I have to be honest, I’m pretty jealous he doesn’t train at the same gym as me. I can see by the way he grapples that there is a TON I can learn from this man. He showed constant tenacity in every fight he was in.

This man attacked every limb that came anywhere near his general vicinity during every fight.

One of the most noticeable traits about Danny I noticed was his jumping Guillotines. The man is simply quick and viscous. In fact, he didn’t lose a match the entire night. When it came to the final decision it was actually a draw. The winners of the event had actually won by judges decision.

It was an honor to meet the guy. The energy surrounding this guy literally penetrates fear into your soul

I’m excited to see where this guys career goes from here. He’s already known as being a highly competitive athlete within the BJJ community. The guy definitely shows some promise. He truly deserves to be on high watch within the jiu jitsu community.

William Hill Jr.

Wilkiam Hill Jr going for a jumping guillotine

This is definitely another athlete who deserves to be on high watch. Why? Because he’s not afraid to attack!

The athletes I respect the most are the ones who constantly attack and look for submissions. When it comes to my own grappling skill: I’ve only been training jiu jitsu for 5-6 years. I also wrestled for five years but that’s a very different grappling style. Some of these guys have been doing this sport since they were babies, and their skills certainly show.

William Hill Jr Shooting Straight in for the attack. No time to mess around with this guy.

William Hill Jr was immediately super friendly to me when I met him. It was really great talking to the guy and it was even better to watch him go to war. He’s another young guy in this world and I’m sure we’re gonna see this guy again in the future. As, his team: Team THINKFIT may not have walked away with the result they wanted from this event. They all truly gave it their all and showed a ton of heart…and heart….well you just can’t teach heart.

The Result

Team LCCT3D won the entire group fight tournament

It’s an honor to train with these beasts. I wanted to make sure to give respect to every team for their efforts but I can’t write this article and pretend I’m not pleased with the result of the event.

Matt Lim had the only submission of the entire evening. He truly showed his skills at this this event. When it came down to Team LCCT3D it resulted in three draws between every match between them and Team Rodriguez Allstars. This means LCCT3D had barely won.

Both athletes Lim, and Rodriguez exhausted and fighting their hearts out. The match came down to blood, heart, and a decision had to be made by the hair on the back of their necks

This is something our coach often tells the team, “Never leave the decision up to the ref! Never leave it go to the judges score card! Always look for the submission so you don’t give them an option!”

This may be what LCCT3D is all about, but ultimately this event went to the judge’s scorecard. It was a truly exciting night. It will be on high watch that LCCT3D cannot take team Rodriguez All-stars lightly, but for now they can celebrate, and they really deserve to. The teams went wild, and their hearts pumped adrenaline while awaiting the judges decision.

Yousef Al-Ghoul showed some tremendous skill throughout the event

Yousef Al-Ghoul deserves some serious recognition as well. For some unknown reason he hasn’t had many opportunities for bjj superfights. The man has emailed them time after time asking for more opportunities. It is time Fight2WinPro addressed him and invited him in. He has the winning record to prove he deserves more opportunities on the big stage. The most amazing thing about watching this guy is how calm he is when he fights. You cannot see a hint of stress on his face when he fights.

Yousef Al-Ghoul has the strength to use when he needs it, but prefers not to use it. He remains calm and analytical throughout his fights

This was an awesome event! We all had a ton of fun! They really did a great job putting all this together. The audience was psyched!.

If you want to view the entirety of all these fights on check out Daily Strike Media Group on Youtube.

Give this article likes and shares please! Every little bit helps to spread this content around and it helps the world see the awesomeness of Jiu Jitsu! Please feel free to leave you comments below! Thanks for reading guys! OSS!

More Pictures of the event are below:

Blake Klassman almost sinking in a Rear Naked Choke
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