6 Worst BJJ Injuries-Most gruesome bjj injuries caught on tape.

-Disclosure: This post contains graphic injuries containing some of the worst bjj injuries. The people in this post were truly hurt and injured. Turn back now if you can’t emotionally handle watching this.

This post was hard to write, I’m not gonna lie. I looked through videos looking for the worst bjj injuries and some of these really made me squirm. I passed up on the videos where you really can’t see what happened and focused on the videos where you can clearly see a serious injury happen.

BJJ today where more and more people are finding out that the shit we do is no joke. We roll around several days a week cranking on each others necks, elbows, shoulders, ankles, knees, and even wrists in attempts to finishing with a submission. Jiu Jitsu is a sport that should be taken seriously by the public so I compiled a list of jiu jitsu injuries that are just as bad as what can happen in MMA.

1.)Arm Break In BJJ Tournament

It’s always nasty to watch when you can hear the snap. I always wish the unlucky grappler a speedy revovery. This is an arm lock from side control when the person on top is controlling the bottom person’s head and arm with a headlock and you lock the opponent’s arm in your legs. The next ones get even worse. Very graphic. It seems the man who broke his arm tried to move his arm around to avoid the armbar. Unfortunately his arm was caught by him unexpectedly and he didn’t tap in time.

2.) David Dennis Straight Ankle Lock

Ah Jesus Friggin Crap! This looks like it hurts! It makes feel the pain tingle up my spine! You see the dudes friggin leg break sideways! SIDEWAYS! I hope and pray that dude has a full recovery but one thing is for sure. He leg is never going to feel exactly the same again. Like I said before, compiling this list was super difficult to do because I timed each video for the right moment just before the injury happens. In other words, I watched the exact moment of injury in each video probably 20 times. Some of this stuff is making me scared to show up to class. It blows my mind we do this stuff all the time and walk away uninjured.

MMA Overload

3.) IBJJF Neck Break

Oh my god this is hard to watch, and not just for the poor video quality. I’m honestly not even sure if the guy in this video is still alive but you can clearly tell he broke his neck from what happened. The injured athlete’s opponent pulled his legs in attempt to flip him and start stacking but instead it looks he actually ripped him up in the air and dropped him on his head. I’ll give another warning to those who can’t handle this. This one really bothered me because this man’s life will be completely altered following this incident if he continued to live. My condolences.

5.) Jiu Jitsu Arm Break 2

You can’t see 100% clearly what happened to the man’s arm in this video but you certainly can hear it. One second it looks like the average friendly roll and the next second <crack> and his arm is sideways with a broken elbow. Freak/unexpected injuries are some of the worst injuries. The injured fellow got up and asked for painkillers and a hospital. Well what are you guys doing!? Get the man some painkillers! When I busted my arm I shrieked like a friggin banshee. Somebody get this man a beer while they’re at it too! Bio-Freeze anyone? Tiger Balm? Icy Hot, Bengay get him something! People like him kill me the most because they have the audacity to stand up and run around with the broken arm. Like I said, when I busted my arm that’s all I could think about was the pain and roll on my back for like 15 minutes. This dude stood up like he’s showing up for work tomorrow.


6.) BJJ-Omega MMA Leg Break

This is a popular video that’s been moving around on social media. There is something especially gruesome about this leg break. It doesn’t even look like either competitor is being overly aggressive. Maybe it’s the fact that you can really clearly see the man’s shin/knee just really don’t look right. The snap sounded like a bamboo stick whacking something it was so clear. You can see his opponent is a good sport and gets up apologizing and being sincere. He truly shows concern for his opponent and the life altering affliction he just caused him. This is why when guys at the gym get me in a leg lock I tap before it hurts. I’m not somebody who feels leg locks should be avoided. In fact I’m fine with white belts learning leg locks. I just stress the fact that you need to be extra careful with them. You go from no pain at all to broken very quickly. Especially with all the adrenaline you have going when you’re rolling. You might not feel too bad that night but you end up limping for a week.

In the end, careful training out there guys. I’m not saying not to be aggressive, or not to do leg locks etc. I’m just saying be mindful because at the end of the day our lives are in the hands of our training partners. Everybody whether they want to admit it or not has some ego in them and it’s precisely that which makes most of these incidents happen. If you’re caught, tap. If you catch a newbie who won’t tap in class let it go and warn him. We can be aggressive, just be sensible. Unfortunately freak accidents do happen as well. We need to make ways to limit injuries without limiting the techniques we practice. The ego, or loss of it that is would be the answer to preventing most injuries. Don’t be that jerk on the mat that nobody wants to roll with. Even if a lower belt catches you!




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